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How To Fold Dress Socks The Right Way

How To Fold Dress Socks The Right Way

If you don’t truly know how to fold dress socks, you will be doing more damage than you may think. While socks are seemingly the easiest thing to fold in your entire wardrobe, few people actually do it correctly.

Because the elastic is so fine and delicate on this type of sock, you will end up stretching them out if you aren’t careful. This leads to wrinkles and creases – and just an overall disheveled look, which is exactly what you’re trying to avoid by wearing dress socks in the first place!

So, read on to learn how to fold dress socks the right way. Then, stay tuned for an inside scoop on where you can find the best selection of bulk dress socks.

How To Fold Dress Socks The Right Way

The main thing you want to remember when folding your dress socks is to care for the thin elastic material that they’re composed of. This means you don’t want to use the elastic to keep them together, like you might with another type of more casual socks.

While it may not matter at first, over time, the socks will start to look worn down and won’t fit as well as they originally did. If you wonder why your socks don’t last as long as they should, this could be why! There are essentially three steps to folding dress socks correctly. Here they are:

Dry Your Dress Socks Properly

Start with drying your socks completely. If they are still damp, they’ll develop a nasty mildew smell. Once you take them out of the drying machine, lay them on a flat surface.

Layer One Sock Onto The Other

Place one sock on top of the other meticulously so it looks like just one sock. It seems like a minor detail, but the more perfect you can align them, the cleaner they’ll fold. You should have the heels pointing away from you and the toes pointing toward you.

Fold The Cuffs Towards The Toes & Tuck Them In

Once these are aligned to perfection, you can start folding the cuffs towards the toes. Your first fold should be about one third (⅓) the length of the socks. 

You’ll then fold the toes up towards the heel, the same distance. Fold them once more to make a square, and tuck the toes of your socks into the cuff – the result will be a nice even square.

When you fold your socks this way, you won’t have to worry about wrinkling or creasing, or even wearing down the elastic over time.

Where To Buy Dress Socks?

Now that you know how to fold dress socks, it’s just a matter of stocking up on some fresh pairs. And, the custom dress socks we carry here at Custom Sock Lab are as good as it gets.

With more control over the design of your socks than you ever imagined possible, you can truly make these your own. We’ll even provide a designer to help you get the job done right!