What is your typical lead time?

Once payment is received, it usually takes ~3 weeks to manufacture your custom socks + 2-5 business days for shipping. A more defined production estimate will be given once the order has been approved and paid.  Expedited production can be accommodated for a flat fee of $300. See the chart below:

Delivery needed 21+ days in the future – no additional fee    

Delivery needed 12-20 days in the future – $300 rush fee

Delivery needed in 11 days or less  – we cannot take on your project

***PLEASE NOTE *** Orders are not placed into the production queue until payment is received. Production timelines change frequently based on what else is in the queue. Your individual production timeline will be communicated upon payment. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes of course! We love our international clients. Please keep in mind that there will be increased shipping fees due to international shipping, customs, VAT, or duty fees. These fees are calculated based on your shipping address.

Is Design Assistance include in the price?

Yes, we can absolutely assist with design at no additional cost. A member of our design team will coach you through the entire process (if desired, of course). And if you have your own designer, we can provide guidance as to what will be feasible vs. not. 

Are there templates available if you want to design you own socks?

Yes our templates can be downloaded HERE.

Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes, with every project, we offer custom printed packaging at no additional cost that can be tailored to your brand. We can typically accommodate additional customizations and packaging styles for a fee.

How many colors can be used per design?

We recommend no more than 7 colors per design and no more than 5 colors per horizontal line of stitches. A typical number of colors to shoot for in the body design is 3-4.

What colors can be used?

For a list of our colors, please see our Design Kit. If you’d like a specific PMS color that we do not stock, we can dye for a fee.

Do you offer multiple sizes?

Yes, we can offer multiple sizes ranging from Youth – Adult. However, we generally recommend going with a standard Unisex size (designed to fit US Men shoe 6-12, Women 7-13) if targeting a general adult population. If ordering multiple sizes, the minimum per size is 100 pairs, which means that you would need to order 200 pairs on the low end if you want 2 different sizes.

Why are your socks better than other socks?

We’re extremely proud of the premium quality products we’re able to create using our “1% Supply Chain.” Learn more HERE.

Can I order multiple designs for the same price?

Unfortunately not. Our pricing is based on fixed costs and as such, the minimum per design is 100 pairs. However, we do offer discounts on our standard pricing tiers if you decide to order multiple designs.

Can I create a design with different left and right sock designs?

Yes indeed, the only catch being that the order size must be at least 200 pairs (or 100 pairs per design). This is due to the fixed costs associated with design concept work and knitting machine set-up.

What sock lengths do you offer?

We can offer the following sock lengths – ankle, quarter, mini-crew, crew / mid-calf, and over-the calf.

Do you require a sampling fee / deposit?

For each unique design, we require a $300 deposit. This fee is ultimately credited towards your final invoice. If you ultimately abandon a design, this deposit is forfeited.  

How do your socks differ from dye sublimated or digitally printed socks?

All of our socks designs are “knit in” or “woven” meaning the design itself is knit into the sock using yarn that has already been dyed to different colors. Dye sublimated socks use a printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto a pair of solid colors socks (usually white), effectively printing a design on top of the base yarn color. Digitally printed designs are printed directly onto the sock itself. A “knit in” sock is generally far superior as the yarn types required for sublimated / digitally printed socks are lower quality, and the sublimation and printing processes further break down the yarn, resulting in uncomfortable, itchy socks that do not last, quite frankly. What’s more, when the socks are stretched onto the leg, the design can turn grainy, showing the base color yarn behind the design (typically white). 

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